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Management: Mr Aghamohammadi

Welcome to the Rock of Asia

Professional and specialized in stone building and manufacturing with more than two decades of experience. Participating in important domestic projects in beautiful Iran is our honor.
 Projects such as Iran Mal and Roof Land in Tehran
Sharing and creating a special and beautiful atmosphere by introducing unique and unique quality stones to each project is our highest value.
Practicing this is a great honor for us.
Our complex is concentrated in Isfahan - Arctic Rock - a unique city full of art and craftsmanship.
An acquaintance with our collection makes for a pleasant visit and a memorable memory of this world-class collection of art.
Some of the activities performed by Faraz Sang Asia:
- Large and national school renovation project across the country
- Part of Mehr housing projects across the country
- Cooperation in Shiraz metro station projects and cooperation in several metro stations in Tehran and Isfahan
- Touba commercial and administrative projects in Gharb town of Tehran
- Cooperation in Kharazmi, Trita and Erfan Hospital projects in Tehran
- Cooperation in the big project of Isfahan and Shiraz hypermarkets and city centers
- Several parks and gardens in Tehran and Isfahan
- Reconstruction project and pavement of bazaar and streets around Tehran and Isfahan
- Landscaping project around the Persian Gulf Lake and Chitgar Park
- Collaborate with the restraining group
- Jihad House Construction Project of Kerman Province
- Project 300 and 1100 units of national airports in Parand
- 4000 unit project of Shideh Cooperative Company in Parand
- Tehran Mehrabad Airport Reconstruction Project
- Continuous cooperation with domestic personal mass producers
- Preparing orders for export to Azerbaijan, Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, etc.
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  • 00989131127734
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